Interchangeable straps

Change the look of your boots…dedicate a strap to every occasion!


If you have chosen a custom strap, write your name below or if you prefer the initials that will be embroidered on your new straps


Interchangeable straps with velcro system, applicable on all boots of Close Contact line and on Retriever and Terranova models.

Additional information

Strap Model

Strap with irregular rhinestones, Suede strap with 3 rhinestones, Lurex strap, Strap with 2 rows of rhinestones, Strap with 3 rows of rhinestones, Flag strap, Coconut print strap, Name or initials embroidered


Anthracite, Black, Blue, blue, Brown, French flag, Fucsia, German flag, Green, Italian Flag, Lurex, Red, Silver, Spanish flag, White

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